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Superfoods are nutrient powerhouses packed with large doses of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals. When eaten on a regular basis, they can help better your health.

Here is a list of superfoods available in Canada, buy them at your local market or health food store. You can find them as well in your community grocery store as many grocery stores now have areas dedicated to these superfoods.

This page will be dedicated to recipes that include these superfoods to incorporate into your daily diet.

1. Blueberries

2. Eggs

3. Cauliflower

4. Broccoli

5. Salmon

6. Leafy greens

7. Beets

8. Flaxseeds

9. Garlic

10. Ancient or alternative grains

Less well known superfoods...

1. Acai

2. Goji Berries

3. Cacao/Cacao Powder

4. Seaweed

5. Chia Seeds

6. Mangosteens

7. Maca Powder

8. Kefir

9. Hemp Seeds

10. Nutritional Yeast

11. Black Garlic

Well, I could go on here as this list doesn't end. In fact this is just a small taste of what there is out there. My goal is to make your life a bit easier when you are trying to incorporate that new whatchamacallit food into your life. Does it usually just go to waste on your shelf or in your fridge? We can stay afloat or dive deep here because next thing you know you may have a scoby brewing your own kombucha with scoby babies....huh? Okay, you may never do that but the option is there!

So, back to the list above. Do you eat these foods already? The bottom line with food is this. Create your meals with love. Eat them with love. Damn, eat that Whopper from Burger King with love because if you view it as bad, that is what your body hears. Love always. Change your relationship with food and you ultimately change your relationship with yourself and your body. Very important!!!

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