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I remember asking my dad if I could switch my University major from Business to Kinesiology when I was 19. This didn't go over so well and I stayed the course and finished my Business degree in marketing. Through a few twists and turns I found myself right back where I wanted to be taking my first Fitness training in 2010 (and thankful for the business degree that gave me a lot of useful skills along with some not so useful; that accounting class nearly did me in ;-)). When I took my first training, my daughters were 1 and 3. I was looking to get back my physical fitness, something I took for granted growing up an athlete. Since that first course, my passion has only grown for this industry. Yoga found me + I found yoga. Blending it with fitness in Buti Yoga. I soon found that my truest passion lies in helping people get healthy from the inside out, mind, body + soul. It was when I stopped focusing on the physical and focused on myself as a whole, that I really noticed a huge change in all of the above. 



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