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WELCOME to The Upeksha Movement, a weekend to (re)discover the equanimity that is inside of you.  We are constantly being pulled in different directions in our lives.  Towards things or people we feel connected to as well as away from things or people we are averse to.  Controlled by these emotions, we must take time to (re)discover our equanimity, by cultivating mindfulness and taking time to connect with not only ourselves + our true desires, but with other women.  

Upeksha is a sanskrit term that describes non-attachment, a balanced mind and tolerance. This weekend we will explore how to incorporate Upeksha in our lives, on and off the mat.


The Upeksha Movement was created to invite you to a space where you can be yourself and ultimately, your best self. Through movement and connection, we will bring this all to life. 


Each individual who attends The Upeksha Movement weekend is ready to show up for themselves and others. If you have a burning desire to do this, the one that won't leave you alone, then it's time. 


Join Buti Yoga Master Trainer, ERICA O'CALLAGHAN + Trained Dance Choreographer & Buti Yoga Instructor, FRANCESCA GALEA for 3 days in the Waterton, Alberta wilderness. 


We can't wait to share it with you!


Sneak Peek at the itinerary....Buti Yoga Classes, Meditation + Outdoor Connection, Hip Hop Workshop, Flow Movement, West African Workshop, Sexy Minds Business Tips, DEEP Class, Outdoor Activities, Mini Photoshoot, Cocktail Party, Nutrition + Hydration more

"You are the sky, everything else is the weather." -Pema Chodron

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